“AMURAA – KONSERV – 68″ Ltd. was founded in Varna, in 1992. More than 22 years the company is developing the following activities: retail and wholesale of food produced locally, import and export.

The company has two warehouses located respectively as follows: – Varna, ul. “Acad. Kurchatov “№ 1 / vegetable market / – Aksakovo, Industrial zone, “Bahcha” area.
The warehouses carry trade in fruits, vegetables, canned fruits and vegetables (own production), meat and dairy products, groceries and confectionery.  “AMURAA – KONSERV – 68″ Ltd. produces wide range of canned fruits and vegetables since 1997.


Our cans contain peas, unpeeled and peeled tomatoes, gherkins, stew, paprikash, okra with tomato sauce, chutney, tomato paste, roasted and marinated peppers, mushrooms, green beans, strawberries, peaches, quinces, apricots, various juices and nectars. Currently, the production is carried out in our own factory located in Aksakovo, Bahcha area.    “AMURAA – KONSERV – 68″ Ltd. has 22 years of experience in the food trade. Our highly skilled and communicative staff contributes to the quality and accuracy of the supplies in our commercial activities. “AMURAA – preserves – 68″ Ltd. is a preferred partner in trade with food products, with good quality and accuracy in the contractual relations, in Varna region.

The production is made according to original recipes and it is subject to strict control. Each product is accompanied by a certificate of quality and technological documentation. The company has its own brand, which is preferred on the Bulgarian market for canned fruits and vegetables. Our company has a system for managing the food safety and a quality control system according to the international standards.


” AMURAA – KONSERV – 68 ” Ltd. has the following certificates: